Hubsan X4 FPV with LCD screen.  


Allen H
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14/09/2016 8:42 am  

Just received my Hubsan X4 FPV and absolutely love it. On expert mode it's a fast little fun drone and seems like it would be a great trainer for moving up to bigger and faster quads, as its reactions in expert mode seem to mimic my bigger quads movements just on a smaller and safer scale. Do you already own one of these and if so, any inherent problems or do you know of a great battery to use in the quad as flight times are not that long..Maybe 5 minutes of flight time with included battery. Any info you can give would be of value to me..Thanks!!

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15/09/2016 9:14 am  

Thats great Allen, hope you enjoy the drone. I am not familiar with the Hubsan X4 so I dont know about the battery life, but 5 minute doesnt seem very long. There is a manufactur list on this website you might use to call the company.

Here is the link

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