In uploading videos you allow  to show and share that content on the  website as well as on the youtube site or any other website or in style of shareing including television or written media. The owners and operator of  cannot and will not accept responsibility of any footage, content, videos picture or any other forms of media written or spoken of anybody, person place or thing that may be posted.


We are a video SHARING site. you share with us, we share with all.Please not that when you upload or in any other form provide us with videos or written materials, hereby referred to as material, you release all ownership and rights to control or have say or reuse that material. There will be no exceptions to this.NO pornography will be accepted, No nudity, real simple.Please do not upload pictures or video of children that you are not willing to share it.Play nice. do not post, whisper, shout, write, post anything offensive.Do not post illegal or prohibited content.Do not us our site to repost content from other sites, that wouldn't be nice.Do not post it if you do not have rights to it, that includes everything in the world. We will not be held responsible for your content.We are not a content redirect service.No spammers or sploggers, you know who you are.Copyright Infringement, if you notice something that we or someone else has done let us know on the Contact us page and we will try our best to resolve the issue. We want to be the largest community and not jerks.To conclude

To conclude:

If you do not think that you can agree or live with our policy's and rules. please delete your membership and leave. All the material you provided or uploaded to use it falls under our policy's and will not be given back or deleted on your departure and you do not have rights to that material. we will retain rights to the material you provided while a member.