Parrot Bebop Drone & Sky Controller

Parrot Bebop Drone & Sky Controller

Review of the Parrot Bebop Drone & Sky Controller

The Parrot Bebop drone is another amazing starter drone, its definitely on my list top 10 drones to start with. It is oh so simple to fly with the Sky Controller. The only thing that you have to provide is a phone or a tablet for live video display. I  should note that you do not have to have the device on or installed in to the controller to fly the drone. The device has in app that is called Freeflight 3, it offers users with an amazing and easy to us interface. Another mind- blowing feature is that the drone controller produces its own Wi-Fi hotspot 802.11 network, and the drone 2 dual-band Wi-Fi antennas that allow both 2.4 and 5GHz MIMO frequencies.

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Now lets talk about this amazing controller, it is very unique in its design. Not only that but it is very comfortable in your hands, meaning it is not to heavy or wide compared to an average R/C controller. The parrot sky controller is 7.6 pounds, the dimensions 14 x 7.3 x 16.2 inches, it requires 1 lithium ion battery lucky for us 2 are included. It features a capture/ record button, 1 massive antenna, return to home button, battery display for the remote and the drone, the controller has 2 of Parrots ultra- precise joysticks. The last detail that I love is the 2 clips for a neck strap.

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Right off the bat you are going to notice the beautiful and quite amazing 1080P 14 megapixel fisheye camera on the bebop drone. It has anti jelly- sensor, so your videos are amazing, the camera also has great low light. The drone its self is very stable even in windy environments, the reason behind this is the drones 3- axis sensors: the accelerometer, gyroscope, and the magnetometer. The drone however only weights 3 pounds, this allows its 22 minute fly time but the drone includes 2 batteries. It has an embedded GPS sensor with flight map control.

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Lets just say this drone is built for videos.


camera: Fisheye 1080P 14 megapixels

Wi-Fi: 2.4- 5GHz MIMO frequencies

battery: includes 2 drone/ remote batteries

weight: drone- 3 pounds or 420 grams Controller- 7.6 pounds

wingspan: 240 mm

body/ rotor material: plastic

flight time: 22 minutes

micro sd-card: max 64G

colors: Blue, Red, Yellow

manufacturer: Parrot

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This is in my top ten quadcopters
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  1. Chris Morley says:

    At $199 it’s a steal. The Skycontroller is dirt cheap as well. If you get both, you’ll have four batteries total. I did have a crazy near-miss with mine, however. Autopilot went nuts and it recovered mere feet from a pond!

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