UDI U818A FPV HD+ WIFI Drone / HD Camera

UDI U818A FPV HD+ WIFI Drone / HD Camera



The Discovery UDI Wi-Fi U818A HD + FPV upgrade is the best Discovery model you can get. The drone is $127 on amazon, and for its size and design it is a remarkable drone. The drone comes with some extra things such as a power bank, screw driver, 4G micro sd card & an adapter, it also includes a second battery for double the flight time.


With the Discovery U818A HD the controller is an upgraded version. The remote has a Flip mode, speed variation mode, headless and return to home mode. It also has a built on FPV mount with an adjustable frame to block the sun so you can see you screen. Another fantastic feature is that the controller can easily sync a VR Headset to it. It supports 2.4GHz WI-Fi capability. 


The Discovery UDI U818A FPV only comes in one color navy blue, the running lights are red and blue. The drone has some neat features that are common but needed it the drone world. The first one is the headless feature, second is 6 axis gyro stability, and the last feature is one key return home. The drone houses one last feature that is a new feature called gravity induction mode, meaning that the drone fly's in the direction corresponding to the mobile device.


This drone is my favorite hobby drone.

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