XPLORER V – Discover The Sky

XPLORER V – Discover The Sky

The Xplorer series is a drone series for intermediate drone flyers. The drone that I am highlighting in the series is the Xplorer V it has a built in camera that I will talk about later. The drone is made by XIRO they are a(n) huge drone producer. There are 3 drones in this series the Xplorer, Xplorer V, and the Xplorer G they almost are are the same.44


The difference in the 3 is that the Xplorer does not have a camera or a gimbal, while the other two do. The Xplorer V has a mounted camera, while the Xplorer G has a mount for a Gopro for a Hero 4 Sliver or Black. Both gimbals have very smooth action. The Xplorer V & G support FPV. The camera on the Xplorer V is a 14 Mega Pixel camera that shoots 1080p videos and still photos.





The drone is capable of flying 200 feet up, its tilt angle is 35 degrees, and its diagonal motor measurement is 335mm. The drone has a built in GPS that will help the vertical hovering by +or- 0.5m, while it also helps horizontal hovering by +or- 1.5m.48

The drone has a 25 minute fly time and it has a 5200mAh battery. The drone has a speed of 8 M/S, because it is for aerial photography its super fast but by no means is it slow.


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